Wall shelf unit I PULK 4


PULK4 is the smallest wall shelf by the dimensions and it works well for example in the children’s room or hallway. Especially effective looks large surface covered with many shelf modules or playfully located group of modules.
You don’t have to have any special skills to create a solution that suits you and is practical!
Fastening is very simple! All you need to do is to attach a wall slat with two screws and get 2 shelves, which can be relocated without the use of tools. The shelves stay in place with pins attached to the pegs and do not fall off.

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Set option:

PULK 4 Swiss Gouda
Background plate 400×400 mm 400×400 mm
Shelves 400×130 mm
220×130 mm
400×130 mm
200×130 mm
Pegs 6 pcs 6 pcs
Fasteners wall mounting slats, screws wall mounting slats, screws

Materials: birch plywood and oak timber
Additional details: You can choose between two different frequencies (see photo). Corners of background plate and shelves are rounded and sides are in the miter (angled 120˚).
Delivery time:  2-3 weeks.

Weight 4 kg

Gouda, Swiss


Black, White, Natural, Color P1, Color P2, Color P3, Color P4, Color P5, Color P6, Color P7, Color P8, Color P9, Color P10, Color P11, Color P12