Solution with the mirror makes the set of PULK6 and PULK8 even more functional and personalized. In addition to these two sizes we also offer a small mirror that is suitable for each module size and it's location is very easy to change (see accessories).

As it is very easy to hang and remove the mirror on the shelf you can change the look of your PULK reflect as often as you want or remove the mirror and use the module as a shelf. Add shelves to the mirror module and combine the pegs according to your taste and needs.

Pegs can be used for hanging jewelry, shelves allow you to place the products needed close to the mirror. Pegs on PULK module located in the hallway can also be used as a comfortable key chain. Before leaving home throw a glance at the mirror, grab the keys from the PULK reflect oak pegs and you are ready to go.    

Set option:

background plate 600x600 mm800x800 mm
Shelves570x180 mm670x180 mm
Pegs6 pcs - 90mm
4 pcs - 174mm
6 pcs - 90mm
4 pcs - 174mm
Fasteners wall mounting slats, screws wall mounting slats, screws
 Mirror  Ø 540mm  Ø 740mm

Materials: birch plywood and oak timber  
Additional details : Corners of background plate and shelves are rounded and sides are in the miter (angled 120˚).
Delivery time2-3 weeks.
International Clients: For information about payment options and shipping please contact us at

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