As sport has an important role in our team, we have also been thinking about other sports enthusiasts. For this we have added a particularly vigorous and durable module to the product range - PULKsport.
This is a two-in-one playful shelf system that works both as a training device and as a sports equipment holder. Climbing up and down with lifting pegs requires strength and skills and at the same time can be used for example to hang a bicycle in the winter. 
It's a comfortable and stylish tool which makes spending time with friends never be the same. Find out the fastest, most skillful and strongest or recall the mileage passed through on the bike

Set option:

PULK sportMediumLarge
Climbing wall300x750 mm300x1500 mm
Pegs2 pcs2 pcs
Fasteners wall mounting bolts, anchors, bushings wall mounting bolts, anchors, bushings

Materials: Laminated timber board (birch) and oak timber
Additional details : You can choose between two different sizes (Medium and Large)
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.
International Clients: For information about payment options and shipping please contact us at

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